My Project objective was to design an individual emergency shelter to help such victims by providing to have at least basic needs. I wanted to improve their life conditions, by givıng them somehow comfort, privacy and supply the need of transport and storage for their private belongings. Also secure them from weather conditions by thinking that every one has his/her own privacy and cannot feel comfortable in a large common refugee shelter.

The shelter is mobile, easy to carry, easy to constract, waterproof and elevated from ground. It consists of 5 parts: a storage (emergency kit), an inflatable mattress, a tent, air pump and the bag-pack carry. The tent section is united with the mattress. The mattress is made of polyster inflatable fabric and the tent is made of two layers; the mosquito net and the polyster fabric. When it is deflated and the aliminium rodes are taken off, all the fabrics become flat and is easily rolled and put in the bag-pack.